Get a comprehensive full body check up and receive a personalized diet plan

Live a healthier life with the right insights. Get a full body check up followed by a one-on-one session with our nutritionist to build a diet plan customized for you and your health goals.

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We provide convenient, trustworthy and informative testing

Free Home Collection


NABL Accredited Labs 

What tests are part of the full body check up?

Complete blood count

Liver function tests

Lipid profile (heart health)

Renal function tests (kidney health)

Thyroid profile (T3-T4-TSH)

Diabetes screening (blood sugar, HbA1c)

Anemia tests (Iron deficiency)

Vitamin D

Vitamin B12

You also get a personalized diet plan

Once you receive your report, you get a one-on-one session with our nutritionist who will design a personalized diet plan based on your results. During your session, you will learn:

what foods you should avoid

what foods you can have in moderation

what foods you should include in your diet to life a healthier life

How it Works ?

1. Full body check-up

Free sample collection from the comfort of your home

2. Smart Report

Get easy-to-understand results and practically applicable insights

3. Nutritionist session

Build a customized diet plan
based on your health parameters

4. Healthier you

Follow your personalized diet plan to see better health outcomes

About Our Nutritionist

Mrinmoyee Sinha

Masters in Food & Nutrition

Her Philosophy

Body-positive, mental-health positive approach

Sustainable approach with no fad diets

What you will takeaway

How to read food labels

How to improve your relationship with food

Do’s and don’ts based on your test results

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