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Frazzled by excessive hair fall or premature greying?

Tired of switching shampoos, oils, and serums?
Take this blood test to identify the root cause of your hair issues.
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How it Works ?

1. Book your test!

Free sample collection from the comfort of your home

2. Smart Lab Report

Get understandable results and actionable next steps

3. FREE Consult

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4. Healthier you

Get a personalized treatment plan which includes the RIGHT products and supplements to give you the best results!

What tests are part of our Hair Health Panel?

Complete Blood Count (CBC)


Vitamin B12

Folic Acid

Vitamin D

Thyroid Stimulating Hormone


Our Hair Health Panel is for anyone who experiences any of the following:

Premature Graying

Excessive hair fall

Hair thinning

Sudden hair loss

Rough or Brittle hair

Reduction in hair volume

Widening of hair parting 

Receding hairline

With Proactive For Her’s Hair Health panel, you can:

Test your hormonal profile from the convenience of your home 

Receive a Smart Report that provides an easy-to-understand and detailed analysis of your results

FREE tele consult with our super-specialist Dermatologist, Dr Gunjan Gurav to understand and manage the root cause of your symptoms

We provide convenient, trustworthy and informative testing

Free Home Collection

NABL Accredited Labs 

About our Doctor

Dr. Gunjan Gurav

MBBS, DNB, DDV and MD in Dermatology, 20 years of experience.


Treating skin

Hair and nail problems like – acne 


Anti-ageing and Hair loss

Hear from our Doctor


Hair Health Panel is for anybody who is currently exhibiting any of the following signs or symptoms

  • Significant daily hair fall (more than 50-100 strands)
  • Thinning of the hair with scalp being visible
  • Widened parting area or Receding frontal hairline
  • Sudden patchy hair loss
  • Itching/boils on the scalp followed by hair loss in those spots
  • The bitemporal recession of the hairline
  • Hair fall that persists beyond 1/2 months

Ideally if you have any of the above signs, you could directly opt for this panel and also a consult with the Dermatologist & Trichologist

This gives you a good idea about the deficiency of certain nutrients connected with hair health as well as basic hormonal conditions linked to hair loss. Therefore, it helps to arrive at the contributory factors/root cause of your hair loss. It may also rule out certain conditions and direct us to the right diagnosis.

Proactive can help by arranging a home collection for your blood test, giving you a smart report as well as a consult with a doctor who will break down each and every result to ensure that you can understand them easily. You will also get to consult an experienced Dermatologist & Trichologist who will then diagnose and start your treatment journey towards achieving healthier, better hair.

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