Bumps & Sores Panel


STIs are the sexually transmitted infections, which transmit from one person to another through intimate contact or while having sex.

Who is it for?  Individuals with bumps or sores in their genital area. This panel is not recommended for asymptomatic people.

Take our expert curated Symptomatic STI Panel tests, from the comfort of your home.

Tests Included:
Syphilis, Herpes 1 and Herpes 2

1 FREE Consult with our STI/STD expert included!



How do we work?

  • Give your blood and urine samples from home or visit a lab to give your samples
  • Receive easy to understand e-reports
  • Consult experts to get answers to all your questions
  • Free Session with our STI specialists

This panel checks for:

You deserve personalised care, so stop guessing and start testing!

Bumps & Sores Panel
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