Hairfall Panel with Dr. Gunjan Consult


Are you frazzled by hairfall? Imbalances in your vitamin, mineral, or hormone levels could be causing your hairfall.

Take our dermatologist curated comprehensive hairfall diagnostic test, from the comfort of your home.

Tests Included:
Vitamin Deficiencies (Vitamin B, D, and Folic Acid), Mineral Deficiencies (Iron and Zinc), Hormone Imbalances (TSH), Anemia (CBC and Ferritin)

1 FREE Consult with our expert dermatologist included!



Your Hairfall could be caused by various factors


Do you want to arrive at the root cause? Take our hairfall test today


Your hair deserves personalised love and care, so stop guessing and start testing!

Hairfall Panel with Dr. Gunjan Consult
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