Diagnose your PCOS & be Proactive about your Health!

Get a PCOS Blood Test + 1:1 teleconsult with a Gynaecologist who has helped 1000+ people with PCOS

Do any of these sound familiar? 
Irregular periods, delayed cycles
Acne/facial hair
Weight gain, sugar cravings
Hair loss

Getting to the root of these stubborn symptoms is just a simple diagnostic test away! 


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We provide convenient, trustworthy and informative testing

Free Home Collection


NABL Accredited Labs 

What tests are part of the Undiagnosed PCOS panel?


Vitamin B12

Vitamin D

Free Testosterone



Liver Function

Lipid Profile

Fasting Insulin

Fasting Blood Sugar



With Proactive For Her’s PCOS diagnostic blood test panel, you can: 

Test your hormonal profile to diagnose PCOS or rule out other causes for your symptoms 

Speak to an experienced gynecologist (6+ years of experience) for FREE to understand your test results & diagnosis

Receive a Smart Report that breaks down your results in an understandable way

How it Works ?

1. Sample collection

From the convenience
of your home

2. Smart Report

Get understandable results and actionable next steps

3. Gynecologist consult

Speak to our doctor 1:1 to review your reports and diagnose the root of your symptoms

4. Healthier you

Follow the doctor’s holistic plan to reverse symptoms and see meaningful results

About our Gynecologist

Dr Ankita Gharge

MBBS & MS Obstetrics and Gynecology, 6 years of experience.



Irregular menstrual cycle 



Hear from Dr. Ankita’s patients:

My session with Dr. Ankita was very informative. I have been struggling with PCOS for over a decade and have rarely got answers from other gynecologists…Dr Ankita heard me out and helped me understand why something may or may not work for my body. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, I feel relieved and relaxed, knowing that my PCOS can be managed – Aishwarya Parikh

This was the first time in my life that I met a doctor who didn’t jump straight to weight loss after hearing my concerns. Dr Ankita was very considerate, polite, and empathetic – Devi K Das

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